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DJ durable double-pack that dances down the line between the old style Chi-town House sound and slamming Jakbeat. Recorded in Chicago, 2019. Ltd Edition & downright crucial.
Artwork By Cosmo Knex

"I met Jordan Zawideh while working at a Chicago record store in 2002 called Weekend Records and Soap. The shop was owned by Jim Marlon Magas/Bridgette Wilson and was one of the only places at the time where you could find a mix of weird ass electro, noise, and mutant techno coupled with Midwestern freak vibes. He lived above the shop and would come down daily to listen to records and chat about music. We have played countless shows together over the years and I've prob seen him DJ at least 100 times. Chicago native hailing from Detroit, Jordan's music combines elements of both these cities rich electronic history, but with his own perverse twist. Doolally drum workouts, soupy samples, arachnid analog bites, all pieced together with DIY warehouse charm."

Beau Wanzer
Chicago, 2020


A1. House Me
A2. House Me (acappella)
B1. Music Music
B2. Work Delay
C1. I'm Busy
C2. In A Dream
D1. 612 Madness
D2. Ossilator (acappella)

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