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The Y Live album is an essential addendum to the original release, one that captures all the fierce urgency of The Pop Group’s live performances at the time. Comprised of Y era recordings captured at a variety of locations including New York, Manchester & Brussels – the latter on a bill with William Burroughs and Joy Division – Y Live exemplifies what had proved so thrilling about The Pop Group. A snapshot of a time when the group were sharing stages with future acolytes including Cabaret Voltaire, Linton Kwesi Johnson & Public Image Ltd, Mark Stewart describes the recordings as attempts to ‘paint the impossible’.


A1 Thief Of Fire (Live)
A2 Snowgirl (Live)
A3 Blood Money (Live)
A4 Savage Sea (Live)
A5 We Are Time (Live)
B1 Words Disobey Me (Live)
B2 Don't Call Me Pain (Live)
B3 Boys From Brazil (Live)
B4 Don't Sell Your Dreams (Live)

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