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Schatzimusik saunter onto our shelves for the first time with a big inaugural release, a super neccessary reissue of Trimolo's masterful debut LP, a gorgeous fusion of organic and esoteric jazz, new age moods and European exoticism.

Though they came into being in '84, Trimolo's career kicked off in 1987 when the fourpiece moved out of their basement and onto the stage, winning a band contest which took them into the studio for the first time. From there, the outfit lent two expressive tracks to the "Rock Feierwerk 1987 Sampler", before blessing the world with their exceptional debut LP. 

A sublime combination of infectious rhythms, dexterous guitar playing, evocative synths and playful flute, Trimolo's music breezes through the forest, relaxes by the stream and soaks up the sun, embodying the carefree syncronicity of its creators. The detailed melodies, woozy aesthetic and utter joie de vivre of the LP has put this platter in high demand over the years, and the keen eared will have spotted "Tempo 100" on Basso's "Proper Sunburn" compilation (Piccadilly #1 comp of 2019!). Now you get to luxuriate in the glory of this mellow killer, expanded with the inclusion of the two "Rock Feierwerk Sieger 87" versions. Thank you Schatzimusik!


A1. Neues Aus U
A2. Inflagranti 
A3. Beduine Im Sandsturm
A4. Handelschreck
A5. Gotterspeise
A6. Schwein Gehabt (Rock Feierwerk Sieger 87 Version)
B1. Tempo 100
B2. Aus Alt Mach Neu
B3. Hinterm Haus Vorm Garten
B4. In Der U Bahn
B5. 5 Nach 12
B6. Tempo 100 (Rock Feierwerk Sieger 87 Version)

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