Sensory Deprivation

Image of Torai - Sensory Deprivation
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Lunar Orbiter Program

About this item

Engage thrusters! Lunar Orbit Program is ready for another launch and it's Manc synth n boxes stalwart, Torai who's piloting the craft as we delve into electro-funk hyperspace.

A rising star from our local scene, and a frequenter of our very shop floor; we've all been eagerly awaiting what kinda sounds this young whippersnapper had up his sleeve and we're not disappointed! Exerting the kinda of controlled aggression, poise and flair onto his chosen pieces of sound artillery, Torai aka Louie Ferrara has imagined up a doozy of an EP which respectfully tips its hat to Dopplereffekt and Drexciya whilst refusing to even complete with the plethora of electro also-rans currently polluting the market.

Opening with the side-chained buoyance of "Eleccy", bobbing in crystaline sound pools, thru to the electronic shudder and 8-bit sfx of "Doppler"; next is acidic bassbin botherer "Fr34k" and finally, the sheer growing machine menace of "Fright" which would make Keith Tenniswood himself sit up and pack a change of underpants! - Torai has announced himself confidently as a dominant force! Get yer head around this exciting new producer pronto and pack some electroid firepower into your next DJ set...


Matt says: Take note pop pickers! Rising star from our own zones, Torai takes aim with some precision electro(funk) biznis. Loud n wobbly full throttle bangers! yEs mAte!


A1. Doppler
A2. Fr34k
B1. Fright
B2. Eleccy

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