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Frndzne 03

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Frendzone returns with another split EP featuring tracks from Violet and Denham Audio, and if it's upfront dancefloor presha you're after, then look no further!

Violet opens up with the hoover n breaks-indebted, "Second Nature"; which planets itself confidently in warehouse territory. Rugged and ravey with a token smiley face melting thru its stems. Second track, "Above The Clouds" sees the producer turn his hand to some precision engineered jungle ruffness. A melee of swirl sax licks, buzzsaw bass and chopped breaks ensures maximum energy every time on this spin.

Denham Audio takes over side B with two slower track utilizing classic dancefloor vox. The first, sampling Soul II Soul, sees a vintage breakbeat and stoner pads applied for a classic downbeat, come-down anthem. The second uses the tried n tested "Love Sensation" snip, and drops some luminous pads and piercing strings before a pneumatic and up-to-date bass hybrid beat hurtles in over more vocal choppage.

Classic stuff that guaranteed to work in the dance! Check!


A1. Violet - Second Nature
A2. Violet - Above The Clouds
B1. Denham Audio - Overused Vocal Track 1
B2. Denham Audio - Overused Vocal Track 2

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