Nightmares On Wax

Smokers Delight - 25th Anniversary Edition

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Reissue of the 1995 magnum opus - a defining statement of intent in the development of the Nightmares On Wax sound. Moving away from the bleeps and breaks of their first album, ‘Smokers Delight’ presents a post-club comedown journey which experiments with elements of jazz, dub, soul and hip hop.

If you don't own a copy of this LP, you should get one right now because it's one of the best LPs of the 90s. Originally out in '95, it's a defining moment of the 'trip hop' genre and ranks alongside LPs by Portishead and Massive Attack from the same era. Pure schmokers downbeat sounds!


A1 Nights Introlude
A2 Dreddoverboard
A3 Pipes Honour
B1 Me And You
B2 Stars
B3 Wait A Minute / Praying For A Jeepbeat
B4 Groove St.
C1 Time (To Listen)
C2 (Man) Tha Journey
C3 Bless My Soul
C4 Cruise (Don't Stop)
D1 Mission Venice
D2 What I'm Feelin (Good)
D3 Rise
D4 Rise (Reprise)
D5 Gambia Via Vagator Beach

Bonus Tracks On Download Card:
1 Aquaself
2 Let’s Ascend
3 Dreddoverboard (Funk Mix)
4 Nights Introlude (Live In Chicago)

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