Tristan Arp

Suggested Forms

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Human Pitch

About this item

Drawing from a diverse array of contributors, "Suggested Forms" gathers the asymmetrical rhythms and polyrhythmic dancefloor freakouts from New York multimedia artist Tristan Arp’s first EPs. Alongside twisted reworks from Dominican dembow and reggaeton producer Kelman Duran, techno experimentalist Machine Woman, and Brooklyn’s Beta Librae, the Human Pitch cofounder’s syncopated rhythm science serves as a strange and playful take on leftfield bass.


A1. Plexi
A2. Coil
A3. Pipeline
A4. Double Exposure
A5. Phylum
B1. Facelift
B2. Specie
B3. Pipeline (Machine Woman Rework)
B4. Double Exposure (Beta Librae Remix)
B5. Phylum (Kelman Duran Remix)

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