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**ALERT!! - Stupendously fresh vibrations within!

>> Mindblowin' sound manipulations from SUDS, a collaboration between Christoph De Babalon, whose previously spearheaded Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore Recordings as well as co-founding Cross Fade Enter Tainment (CFET); and Wilted Woman - a multifaceted artist gracing a plethora of cassette labels from Wicked City, Private Archive and birdFriend and put out a number of tasty 7" releases on Primitive Languages.

The music is totally out of this world. A mix of re-imagined dance music tropes, thrown chaotically into a simmering melee of digital interference and overdriven hardware, Opener, "Shuttlecock Fanfare" is as skippy a slice of dark side jungle as one could hope for while it's successor, "Trauerweide" defies any current genre boundaries entirely as it deploys analogue notes, heavenly pads and a concoction of holographic sfx into a completely unique musical form - superb!

"Sad And Done" ups the ante even more with creative bass plumes expertly mixed to formulate a heady space track that'll cause ripples of excitement both through nightclub dancefloors and your cerebral cortex with its tantalizing palette. "Mirage March" ends on a mournful precession through sparse, baron lands.

With programming flair akin to Monolake and an obvious obsession with modern technologies; SUDS have succeeded in grasping that rare magical place which pushes away all existing electronica tropes yet invites the listener into a friendly and evocative space. Masterful! 


Matt says: Completely new soundscapes and aural-flora to be explored here folks. Picturesque, clever and with tons of programming flair. SUDS soundtrack new world exploration perfectly.


A1. Shuttlecock Fanfare
A2. Trauerweide
B1. Sad And Done
B2. Mirage March

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