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Omar S new album titled "You Want" featuring an all star cast of FXHE talent - John FM, Norm Talley, Ian Finkelstein, John Cloud, L'Renee, Brian Kage and Kingdom!

Yes, you're right to guffaw at the price, but Alex has never been one to undervalue his art! And at four discs, he's spared no expense gifting every single track maximum fidelity on the wax!

And honestly, this really is some of his most precious, personal stuff. Like a top drawer of tracks saved purely for this album, you almost sense he's been working at this collection for quite some time. There isn't a duff number amongst the set and he's kept it firm, direct and dancefloor based throughout, An absolute treasure for fans of FXHE and Omar S; there's simply no one out there that masters that Detroit bump more than this cat. Imperative!


Matt says: Oh my! Alex keeps off the pinball machines and his sports cars long enough to offer us up some of his finest work to date. It might seem like one helluva investment but this is pure FXHE platinum collection. Miss at your peril!

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