Carmen Villain

Both Lines Will Be Blue Remixed

About this item

Norwegian producer Carmen Villain follows up last years cosmic beauty - Both Lines Will Be Blue - with a remix mini-album. Curated by Carmen, she asked some of her favourite producers to pick a track from the album to remix, which resulted in this collection of 6 tracks and 31 minutes of cosmic/dubs, featuring club ready tracks by Parris and Karima F., deep atmospheric reggaetón by DJ Python, fourth-world jams by D.K. and Yu Su and a far out dancehall dub by Jay Glass Dubs


1. Observable Future (Parris Remix)
2. I Trust You (Dj Python Remix)
3. Observable Future (D.K Remix)  

1. Type (Karima F Remix)
2. Are You For Real (Jay Glass Dubs Laicalg Version)
3. Impossible Color (Yu Su Remix)

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