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Deep Distance

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The first release for the year on Polytechnic Youth’s sister label, the more kosmische flavoured Deep Distance; sees the next installment of the mighty Cosmic Ground oeuvre. The on-off project for Electric Orange’s electronic maestro Dirk Jan Muller, and LP "5" here, is simply incredible.

Three super heavy, deep mind-splitting kosmische space jams-heavy as ever on leanings towards the famed Berlin school sound, but also nods to the heavily echo drenched sound of Gunter Schickert, and "Inventions for Electric Guitar"-era Manuel Gottsching. This truly is that good. We’ve long since said that no-one out there currently - in our eyes - quite gets it as much as Dirk’s Cosmic Ground, and this record substantiates that hunch.

First track "Girls from Outer Space" has perhaps a more tuneful feel to previous releases, and recalls early period Emeralds or some Oneohtrix Point Never; but builds across greater mind frying intense peaks before descending into a gentle Popol Vuh like serenity. "Compact / Space" continues the pace, clocking in at almost 10 minutes of rising and spiraling beautiful, dark analogue deep space drones.

Consisting the entire length of side 2, "Operation: Echo" does pretty much what it says on the tin, an incredible echo drenched cosmic tour-de-force heavy on the intense sequenced vibe of prime era Schulze/T.Dream, arcing outwards and upwards in sheer intensity and whacked out kosmische / psychedelic ambition.

Available as a 300 copy, vinyl pressing on suitably apt ‘Galaxy Yellow / Black’ smoky vinyl. 


Matt says: If you've found yourself playing the recent Craven Faults album to death then fear not! Cosmic Ground have actually been producing equally good, dark, creeping & cinematic synthscapes for some time now; and they're spectacular! New album "5" offers impenetrable radiance alongside unfathomable sorrow and is a true feast on the senses.


1. Girls From Outer Space 12:17
2. Compact \ Space 09:43
3. Operation:echo 18:12

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