Marc Mac

The Invisible Soldiers

Image of Marc Mac - The Invisible Soldiers
Record Label
Omniverse Records

About this item

The latest album in the series of "Beats and Knowledge" from Marc Mac. This episode focusing on the thousands of Black soldiers who fought in the Second World War, their efforts and stories hidden and forgotten for a lifetime. Marc's style of soulful Hip Hop beats are woven through the dialogue setting the scene for this mixtape style long player. Part six in the series of albums and limited to 400 vinyl copies worldwide.


1. The Welcoming
2. This New World
3. Justifiable Reasons
4. The Crow Flies
5. The 761st
6. Black Buffalo
7. Miss Wilson (To Know)
8. Red Ball Express
9. Dying For The Cause
10. Ledo Road
11. Intermission
12. Time To Live
13. A Greatful Nation
14. Tuskegee Symphony
15. Movement
16. A Second Victory
17. Blazing Flyers
18. The Last Leg
19. Shells Like Rain 

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