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If It Ain't Jazz - Volume 1

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If It Ain't Jazz

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London-based DJ, producer and edit maestro Aroop Roy spent the last decade teaching dancefloors the merits of deep digging, promoting the Latin/Brazilian end of the disco / funk spectrum with a string of essential releases for the likes of GAMM, Kampana, Basic Fingers and Stamp. Stepping into the new decade in style, Roy joins us in the roaring twenties with a stunning 12" on the new If It Ain't Jazz imprint. Now, this badboy landed in store last week, but it's taken me approx 7 days to get over how effin great this is! As a child I tracked down snatches of Body & Soul on the primitive internet, losing my shit to the warm, deep and noodling jazz-dancers Claussel, Krivit and K had tucked away, and despite frequent trips into the jazz sections of second hand stores as an adult, I never quite caught that same feeling - until now! On the A-side "Reach N Search" rocks us with hot horns, buoyant bass and sizzling syncopation, blasting out the speakers with such ecstatic energy the whole room has their hands aloft. There's no let up in quality on the B-side as 'Monterey' propels us right into the pocket with a pinging b-line, fierce rhythm guitar and more magical brass action. Total buy on sight business here, and when they gone...


Patrick says: Aroop Roy kicks off his new If It Ain't Jazz series with a pair of powerhouse edits. Obvs he comes into the room with top table pedigree, but this one proves he's been keeping the best beats to himself - essential jazz funk flipped perfectly for club play. Fire!


A1. Reach N Search (edit)
B1. Monterey (edit)

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