Dominik Marz

Vice Versa Feat. Yannick Labbé

Image of Dominik Marz - Vice Versa Feat. Yannick Labbé
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Belters wash away the January blues with another record from Dominik Marz. Four tracks destined to populate the big rigs of the mainrooms. Starting with the nice and squelchy, lazer guided heater, "Vice Versa"; then through to the galloping Italian-esque tech romp "Faces".

Side B sees Marz joined by Yannick Labbé and "Love Takes Two" deploy a frazzled and overdriven arsenal of drum boxes to an incessant Belgium synth blast which, upon reaching the breakdown, encourages arms aloft in a moment reminiscent of a vintage trace breakdown. "Straight To Your Heart" concludes with more swung, house flavoured beat while another array of arresting and intricate synth patterns converge on the mix.


A1. Dominik Marz - Vice Versa
A2. Dominik Marz - Faces
B1. Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbé - Love Takes Two
B2. Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbé - Straight To Your Heart

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