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Ignorance Is Bliss

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Here we have the superb new outing from We Are Willow, a self-styled 'multidisciplinary arts collective', who present a beautiful two-tracker in aid of Stockport Mind, an independent mental health charity working at delivering a range of essential services around the Stockport area. 

First up we get the original mix, featuring an emotive stripped-back guitar line gently accentuated with Chris' gentle vocal line over the top, breaking out mid way through into a cavernous sweep of strummed and slide guitars, working around each other above the organic percussion. We revisit the quiet contemplative respite before the full choral power kicks in around the half-way mark, culminating into an emotive crescentic soar, as beatiful as it is effecting. 

 On the flipside, we get the emphasis based more on the reticent percussive backbone behind the original tune, but accentuated with a spoken word section interjecting before breaking into minimal acidic territory, providing an entirely contrasting idea but entirely in keeping emotionally. It's a bold juxtaposition, but one that ultimately helps to enhance both the diametric ideas and bring them together into a choesive and enjoyable whole. 

Once again, conceptually superb and for a brilliant cause to boot. Top work once again from the venerable We Are Willow. 


1. Ignorance Is Bliss 04:25
2. Ignorance Is Bliss - Bopperson Remix Featuring Ben Mellor 04:46

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