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Yes Doctor

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La Sape

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Henry Hicks AKA Horatio Luna is a Melbourne based improviser, composer, bassist and producer. A founding member of hip-hop/soul community "30/70 collective", he is an active member of the Australian beatz, jazz and soul music scene. After parting with 30/70 in 2019, Horatio featured on the Gilles Petersons Brownswood compilation 'Sunnyside Up', released a 12" 'Print It, Run It, Send It', Remixed Moodyman approved Jitwams music and focused his sights on working and collaborating with the younger generation of players in Melbourne, serving as the musical director on 'downundaground' and joining Antiphon among many other groups.


Millie says: From 30/70 to the Sunnyside Up compilation, Horatio Luna has been appearing vividly in the Nu Jazz and Soul scene. Yes Doctor is refreshingly new and exciting, make sure you get on this one!


1. Some Like It Hot (feat. Throne Boy)
2. Yes Doctor
3. Mango & Setwun
4. Luna Landing
5. Your Love
6. Bubbly
7. Golden
8. Northern Beaches
9. Brunswick Massive
10. Brunswick Massive Pt. 2 

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