House To House

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Nightdubbing are ready to drop the follow-up to their warmly received debut 'Frontline'. As the name suggests, 'House to House' is a celebration of House music in the deepest sense of the word, loaded with insistent beats, solid basslines, lush chords and delicious piano breaks while retaining the band's trademark grit and sense of otherness.

'Danceteria' traces the roots of House in the New York loft scene, while 'Rascals Return' tips the hat to the Latin Rascals. The title track takes us into deceptively spartan territory before a joyous piano swoop shifts the gear right up. Final track 'Orangely' brings a distant transmission from a long lost Welsh techno TV show before descending into a full on dub-house excursion that sounds like it's echoing around a warehouse for the last few stragglers at the party.


1. Danceteria 05:12
2. West 38th 05:39
3. Rascals Return 06:37
4. (Bonus Beat) 02:44
5. House To House 05:35
6. 4AM 06:29
7. Orangely 08:26

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