Schatrax 25 01

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Schatrax is back on his own imprint after a small hiatus with four idiomatic tracks produced in varying styles.

Techy and tribal, "Folkdance" opens up with big, cavernous tuned toms and ethereal leads for a high pressure, midsession cut. "Coral", electric and minimal is up next, humming along nicely and sounding great in laser-guided aircraft hangers.

Flip the disc and "Sisphunk" is an anthemic, end-of-night roller with triplet perx running up nicely against the emotive chord progression and stretched out vox. "Into The Stars" concludes with a jagged techno growler full of metallic hits and slamming bottom end.

Josh Brent's impressive and prolific alias continues! 


A1. Folkdance
A2. Coral
B1. Sisphunk
B2. Into The Stars

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