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Highly sought after obscure dancefloor-approved house edits. Comes with a special appearance by mysterious Japanese / Swedish super-trio SPF.

Bass buggin', low-ceiling house trax are demonstrated by Wiz whose three tracks all grab the ears and hips in equal measure; upfront, underground and edgy AF! There's plenty of groove programmed into those drum machines too, with some excellent swing templates keeping us gyrating all over the shop.

SPF gets on board with one track, "Socratic Method", with is almost like a traditional 'Jack' track given a Ron Hardy-twist: lysergic, writhing and totally centric around its hypnotic perc lines. Excellent stuff!

Wiz & SPF are one to watch!


Matt says: No-nonsense and fresh #goodhouseandtechno for the bass buggin' basement cru! Inside!


A1. Wiz - Cleaned My Brain Yo
A2. Wiz - Bass
B1. Wiz - R U There
B2. SPF - Socratic Method

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