The Wire

Issue 432 - February 2020

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Wire: Since 1977’s Pink Flag, Wire have crushed and expanded rock at will. About to release their 17th album Mind Hive, the most stable line-up in the band’s history discuss facing the future while repurposing the past. By Dan Barrow

Katie Gately: Bereavement and ritual inform the new album from the Los Angeles based avant pop auteur. By Emily Pothast

Frank Denyer: With his unusual instrumental combinations and penchant for microtonality and extended technique, the English composer offers sanctuary from sensory overload. By Sam Richards

Invisible Jukebox: Mayo Thompson: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection trigger a “Free Form Freak-Out” for the Red Krayola founder? Tested by Alan Licht

Unlimited Editions: Recital Records

Unofficial Channels: Auctioneers

Marcela Lucatelli: The Brazilian composer and improvisor gets her shriek on. By Philip Clark

Nava & Shayna Dunkelman: Percussive siblings bond over the beat. By Kurt Gottschalk

Terry Allen: Weird country’s master storyteller returns. By George Grella

Global Ear: Malta: Creativity flourishes quietly in the shadow of turmoil. By Kurt Buttigieg

The Inner Sleeve: Freedom To Spend on Heroin

Epiphanies: Ryley Walker gives in to the temptation of Christian ska punk

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