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First ever reissue of one of the most sought after titles in the catalogue of Peruvian's label MAG, in high demand not only among Latin music collectors but also among those interested in the most exotic and experimental psychedelic sounds around. It includes 'Astronautas a Mercurio', a cosmic descarga full of electronic effects, filtered voices and fierce guitars with wah wah and raw distortion, as well as guarachas, cumbias and descargas.


Side 1
1. El Negro Javier (2:55)
2. Pasa, Pasa (3:04)
3. Trompeteros (3:09)
4. Bobby (2:25)
5. Astronautas A Mercurio (7:33)
Side 2
1. El Turron De Pochita (2:59)
2. Guajira Del Amor (4:23)
3. Serrano (2:55)
4. Cancha, Mote Y Papa (2:48)
5. Pa'l Gusto (2:23)
6. El Culantro (3:15

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