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Dukwa is back with the second chapter of his own personal output with a new killer four tracker EP.

"Akira" opens things up with a beautifully anthemic house cut. Nodding to Space Dimension Controller and Kyle Hall with its pitch bent leads and shuffled drum patterns, the track subtly nods to Detroit without becoming pastiche and is surely already big with MCDE, Move D and such cats.

"Violet" leads with a repeating piano line which slowly forces our arms aloft. Skitty drums add an urgency to what would be a midtempo house track, imparting a sense of building exciting which is only accentuated through that nagging acid line. If anything was to convey the excitement of a nightclub about 2 or 3 tunes before the headlining DJ is due to take to the decks - this is it! - Warm up DJs take note!

"Water" is low-key deep house intricacy at its finest. Interweaving leads complimenting the meticulously programmed beats and warm chords permeating through the mix. It's delicious and welcoming with its gentle string parts and fluttering piano trills. If you're looking for a track to wind down the action after a long session, this could well move the audience to tears and jubilation if you time it correctly!

Mega stuff from this underrated artist currently escaping the spotlight of hype! 


A1. Akira Feat ‘EM
A2. Akira (Dub Mix)
B1. Violet (Live Extract)
B2. Water

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