Andrew Weatherall

Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound

Image of Andrew Weatherall - Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound
Record Label
Byrd Out

About this item

Andrew Weatherall turns in two thunderous, low slung acid dub tracks. Expect clattering effects, outer space bleeps, and ridiculous plumes of hypnotic bass. Andy Bell returns to join Andrew in the studio, layering a haunting, tripped-out guitar line over the top. File under cosmic dub. 1000 vinyl only.

Now, I doubt we have to inform anyone of this incredible artist's sad passing this week. Scheduled for release before his untimely death, there's also an album completed which will hopefully still see the light of day proceeding this unfathomably sad event. Our respects and best wishes go out to all of Andrew's family whilst the man's undeniable legacy and influence will no doubt resonate for many years to come. Weatherall we salute you sir! 


1. Unknown Plunderer 
2. End Times Sound. 

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