Cherries EP

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K Records

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Daisies is a co-release presented by K and Perennial. From the minds that brought you CCFX, "What Are You Waiting For?", and Daisies "2" comes the 3rd release from the purveyors of the electronic paisley underground, "Cherries". Originally self released on the prolific JGAP label, now widely available on wax through Perennial and K Records. This avant pop project features Olympia, WA performance artists Chris McDonnell (CCFX, TransFX) and Valerie Warren. Along with frequent collaborator David Jaques (CCFX, CC DUST) co-producing. Recorded by the band and Cooper Rosenthal, this release continues the Olympia tradition of singular artist blazing trails for others to soon follow. Look for the video for single "Everybody's Moving to London". Also Available From Daisies: "What Are You Waiting For?". Recommended if you have a love for quirky, electronic, one-of-a-kind pop music. In particularly Lemon Jelly and Air France. Big tip!


1. Everybody’s Moving To London
2. 2020 Perfect Vision
3. Lights Dancing On The Screen
4. Out Of The Blu

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