Lee 'Scratch' Perry

Disco Devil Vol. 2 (6 More Classic Discomixes From The Black Ark Studio 1977-8)

About this item

These six selections are all original discomixes produced by Lee Perry. The audio was extensively restored from original pressings. Lee Perry's techniques were highly unusual and the tunes often have a raw quality to them but they are in all cases pretty much exactly what you'd hear with a near mint original :-) 


A1. Hugo Blackwood & Alimantado - Reggae Music (Upsetter Disco Jam 12" Mix - 1977)
A2. The Jolly Brothers - Dread Dreader (Seven Leaves 12" Mix - 1978)
A3. Watty Burnett - Open Up The Gate (Orchid 12" Mix - 1977)
B1. Junior Delgado - Sons Of Slaves (Upsetter Disco Cork Mix - 1977)
B2. Devon Irons - Vampire (Black Art 12" Mix - 1977)
B3. Sangie Davis - Words (Black Art 12" Mix 1977)

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