Daniel 58 And Yohei S

Eight Two Five

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Parallel Minds

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Total belter from Ciels, Daniel 58's and Yohei S's Parallel Minds label.
Big f'kin tip!

Parallel Minds continues its mission to bring compelling electronic music from Toronto to the world with its sophomore release, a 4-track split EP between label co-founders (and long time friends / roommates) Yohei S and Daniel 58. With this release, Yohei and Daniel sought to create club music that truly represents what they'd want to hear in the club, both as DJs and clubbers. On the A side, Daniel refines his penchant for wiggly breaks and syncopated rhythms with two uptempo moody slammers. On the flip, Yohei turns over two tracks combining the use of new production tools with old tech house and Miami bass influences. Deftly blending broken dub beats, grime textures, and hypnotic 4/4 grooves, this EP, much like its predecessor from the same label, has something for every DJ, regardless of what timeslot they're playing.


A1. Daniel 58 - If It’s Dead Now, When Was It Alive?
A2. Daniel 58 - Grump When I’m Wake
B1. Yohei S. Ccontact
B2. Yohei S. Down By Three

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