Fragments 4

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Hivern Discs

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While compilations tend to look backwards, 'Fragments' is far from being a retrospective. Since its launch in 2008, Hivern Discs has favoured a documentary approach, capturing the most vital and exciting sounds within its orbit at each particular moment. In keeping with the ethos of the label, this extensive compilation, comprising 29 new tracks across six 12"s, offers a panoramic glimpse of Hivern's present and gives indications as to its near future.

So far, so far out for Hivern's Fragments series, and the quality remains utterly undiluted on Volume 4. C.P.I. serve insectile sound design and acid hypnotism on the ever-building "Miasma" before Beesmunt Soundsystem pick up exactly where they left off on that General PDC remix for the pulsating rainforest breaks of "Hypno". Turn the page and you'll take a mid tempo excursion into the far reaches of Italo space via Parple's "El Dia Oscuro" (check out the vocal meltdown!!!) before St. Petersburg's Inga Mauer locks us into the icy techno pressa of "It's Gone", a mind melter for laaaaate in the session.


C.P.I. - Miasma
Beesmunt Soundsystem - Hypno
Parple - El Dia Oscuro
Inga Mauer - It's Gone

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