Fragments 3

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Hivern Discs

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While compilations tend to look backwards, 'Fragments' is far from being a retrospective. Since its launch in 2008, Hivern Discs has favoured a documentary approach, capturing the most vital and exciting sounds within its orbit at each particular moment. In keeping with the ethos of the label, this extensive compilation, comprising 29 new tracks across six 12"s, offers a panoramic glimpse of Hivern's present and gives indications as to its near future.

Hivern's heady compilation series continues with the third volume, once again uniting a clutch of forward thinkers and sonic outliers in a properly leftfield dancefloor caper. ESP affiliate Cleveland double drops on the A1, imbuing "Via Sole" with a whirring zero grav sound, propelled by some subwise bass, subtle percussion, metallic motifs and a trilling sequence which floats way above the rest of the track via some miracle of mixing. Label boss John Talabot teams up with Pional as Lost Scripts for the A2, dropping the classy, glassy new age dance of "Deep", a shining travellator through a chrome and glass future. Lawrence Le Doux picks up the baton in that utopic future and plots a course through acid dancehall and optimistic ambient to arrive at the most contemporary sound I've ever heard. Sapphire Slows joins the chat as we tee off on the back nine, laying a treated spoken vocal over a nifty, nebulous example of cosmic house with another soundsystem-inspired bassline. Finally, Swedish talent Simon Haydo indulges in a splintered, spangled dub techno deconstruction which serves as a perfect psychtropic palate cleanser.


Cleveland - Via Sole
Lost Scripts - Deep
Lawrence Le Doux - Regina
Sapphire Slows - New You For Others, Same You For Yourself
Simon Haydo - Bending Frameworks

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