Scott Young

Ket City

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Discos Capablanca

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Hypnotic, scuffed dancefloor movements, dub-dilated drum workouts &
heavy-lidded ambient zones.
Made in Hong Kong before the storm, Manchester and Bristol.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Scott Young’s music traverses a wide sonic palette, encapsulating leftfield dance music, musique concrete, experimental film soundtracks and lush ambient excursions.
Following a noteworthy appearance on Samo DJ’s Born Free imprint, a series of accomplished releases on Discos Capablanca and a mesmeric contribution to the 2019 Opal Tapes compilation ‘Amateur Vampires’, Young returns with his most significant output to date.
Comprised of five tracks that work towards different styles, ‘Ket City’ is intended as an intimate ode to the United Kingdom, and a response to the oppression of algorithmically filtered modernity and the drudgery of work. Diving into hypnotic, artfully fractured dancefloor movements, dub-dilated drum workouts & heavy-lidded ambient zones, ‘Ket City’ is a diverse prospect that nevertheless reveals the execution of a unique signature.


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