Das Letzte Nasenhaar EP

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Raw Culture

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Fierce new industrial and devilish EBM from the Raw Culture crew! Back to torment your lives in 2020!

Ex ice skater Wosto heads up the release. Based in Hamburd he's previously released on Sign Bit Zero and has collaborated with Falibeil and Sauerstoff with the duo Nostalogie Eternelle. He also runs his own label Teerpappe strictly for his own solo productions.

This release "Das letzte Nasenhaar EP" is a collection of 'Kraut break beats' apparently. To us it sounds like a a melee of noize, industrial and EBM all recorded onto abrasive mediums before being transferred onto wax. Vocals scream with distortion, levels barely make it onto the saturated head room and big clattering snares and toms side chain everything. It all sounds like you're deep into some Future War with this sounding through your AM ear piece as you fight for domination on some scorched, desolate landscape...

Raw Ambassador aka Antonio Barbetta (Mannequin) is drafted in on a remix mission, grabbing "Party Animal" by the nuts and dragging it into some dark Belgium rave set in a gothic cathedral circa '89.

Nasty stuff for the trench coat ravers, cyber-goths and night club mutants... 


Matt says: Sure to clean fry the bum fluff right off your arse, Raw Culture enlist a frightening mob of hardware damagers to scream shout, bash and bang their way into our reluctant headspace.


A1. Nasenhaar
A2. Party Animal
A3. Party Animal (Raw Ambassador Rework)
B1. Red Meat Inferno
B2. Onkel Und Tanze Zu Besuch
B3. Dattelpalme 

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