Ocean Walk EP

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Superior Elevation

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Following his “Cosmic Sands” cassette on Light Of Other Days, Greg D debuts “Ocean Walk” under his new alias, GEE DEE. Recorded in 2019, the EP marries ambient, dub, and house influences to create an enticing body of mid-tempo magic. Using limited hardware [505, Juno 6, D50, and a Space Echo] the four-tracker bears a hazy vibe throughout and pairs simple drum programming with sun-kissed synths and hypnotic bass lines. Whether dusk is upon you at your local cafe bar, or the lights are down in the discotheque, GEE DEE delivers an array of leftfield bumpers that will fit just about any mood. Coming 2020 on Superior Elevation Records.


1. Ocean Walk
2. Night With Juno
3. Star Chaser
4. Softcastle

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