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If you've a penchant for Belgium nu-beat, EBM and acid, then you can't go far wrong with Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95 - a fledging new label focusing on such subversive sounds.

Undergoing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment, these dark n scuzzy body tracks are finding their way into the boxes of DJs who prefer to mine the undercurrents and black spots - think DJs like Vladimir Ivkovic, Jon K & Optimo.

Raw Ambassador, a young reprobate with a fiery attitude, contributes his second release this week (see also: Wosto - "Das letzte Nasenhaar EP") and gets the record underway. "Satans Orgasm" displaying this machines agitator's love of distorted vox and menacing arpeggios across a beautifully evil EBM model.

Fashion Flesh - the nom de plume of John Talaga - is an accomplished technician / audio mangler outta Bay City USA who uses self built and modified sound units to accomplish his sonic goals. "Please" sees frequencies shift and machines spit and growl over a primitive rhythm section and tons of electronic interference.

First track for MPU54M, "Ueida Romance" creeping across taut electic tightropes whilst gleefully squeezing out a mutant crooner jam. Landing somewhere between Alan Vega, Poison Ivy and Ed DMX (!!!).

Familiar UK stalwart Chris Moss Acid drops the EPs most polished and soundsystem ready track. "Townsend Acid" is high octane session acid with a nice full frequency rubdown to give the subs and tweeters a workout.

Finally Juanpablo & Arcyniegas' "Tequendama" sees the EP collapse into a pit of sherm-fuelled inequity; a writhing mass of drugged out bodies fondling, grinding and thrashing out in some rabid sex dungeon deep underneath the city streets. 


Matt says: Maleviolent machine abuse by a twisted bunch of knob fiddlers. See also: Raw Culture released this week


A1. Raw Amdassador - Satans Orgasm (ft Lbeeze)
A2. Fashion Flesh - Please
A3. MPU54M - Ueida Romance
B1. Chris Moss Acid - Townsend Acid
B2. Juanpablo & Arcyniegas - Tequendama

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