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New label Sublimate kicks off with a tasty V/A EP. Apart from Ali Berger all the artists are new on our radar, making this an exciting prospect for those who revel in novelty!

Love Letters gets the record underway in fine form. Packing rib-tickling kicks heavier than black matter, an agro perc section and some nice acidic bleeps and squarks, the track should appeal to lovers of that ruff UK acid sound a la Paranoid London, Alex Seidel, Ali Renault etc. Next up a live jam by Russell E.L. Butler & Indy Nyles resulting in some melanin heavy, electro heat. Liquid Asset continues to deliver excellent work with a warm acid drenched bubbler. Finally track-master Ali Berger pulled Turtle Bugg in his studio for a house beat and live take of THC induced shit talkin.

Tasty tackle for the clurb from a new breed of noisemakers - TIP!


Matt says: Collection of flavours from this cheeky burgeoning firm. If you like your dance music hard, wild and fun then this is definintely for you. Surely big in Glasgow right now!


A1. Love Letters - Hey Yo Who Dat
A2. Russell E.L. Butler Feat. Indy Nyles - Live At The Synth Library
B1. Liquid Asset - Angel's Eggs
B2. Ali Berger & Turtle Bugg - Nasty

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