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Cult dance music producer Flørist introduces his new alias - Pavilion. We've been keeping an eye on this producer since day one and he always enthralls and excites us with his sounds....

Kicking things off with a nice futuristic ambient number, "X_0314" shimmers like an electrostatic mirage over an icy vista. Nods to Chain Reaction and Huerco S along the way...

"Greenspirit" heads straight to the floor for a loopy, simmering, hi-tech number that's like Soundsystem recording a mid-session track for Craig Richard's The Nothing Special. Smooth, gliding, concentric techno for the heads that like it deep and intricate.

Finally, "Optimist" shows off the third and final flavour - a minimal techno track full of wonky discord that sounds like it's straight out of a Rob Hood or Jeff Mills track circa 2002! So good!

Three tracks, three flavours, three reasons to be cheerful! We heart Flørist!! Recommended! 


Matt says: This is defo my jam! Been firmly into this producer since his first forrays on All Caps. Now under an alter-ego the Flortist let's loose another bouquet of hits! Yes mate!


A1. X_0314
A2. Greenspirit
B. Optimist

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