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I Lost My Poncho In Istanbul

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I Lost My Poncho In Istanbul lands on our shelves to arm you with a fresh selection of bomb tracks from Ecuadorian mastermind Nicola Cruz and the Brazilian label honcho Pigmalião. Twisting the musical traditions of their homelands into tracky, tribal dance music, both men are on the forefront of the current club scene and this release is further evidence of their talents.
Multi Culti associate Nicola Cruz takes the controls on the A-side with a pair of pulsating shamanic house dancers complete with ancient rhythms, spiritual chants and neon electronics. Opener "Apnea" clashes ring mod bells with pummeling bass tones and moody blasts of feedback, screaming out the speakers like a storm in the jungle, while the ketty sequences, fractured vocal and writhing bassline of "Marea" dominate the witching hour in shoulder rolling majesty. On the flip Brazil's Pigmalião continues his poncho-shedding odyssey with the slow, skewed breaks and echo-chamber bleeps of "B2" and laser guided hypno crunch of "Ocrânimo", both perfect tools for a basement assault.


Patrick says: Highest grade shamanic slammers here from Nicola Cruz and Poncho Honcho Pigmalião, fusing club polyrhythms and primal idents with up front electronix…


1. Nicola Cruz - Apnea
2. Nicola Cruz - Marea
3. Pigmalião - B2
4. Pigmalião - Ocrânimo

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