Summer Cottage Soundscapes

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Phwoooar you lucky buggers! We've been doing a spot of clearing out for the new year and have uncovered sealed copies of this phenomenal project by dub-techno pioneer Rod Modell, joined by fellow luminaries, Walter Wasacz and Christopher McNamara.

An exercise in suspended, elevated bliss; coalesced with the dub-shards and infinite echo(space) that characterizes much of Rod's productions; this is a weightless and euphoric experience which should set the listener as far away from the skip / search buttons as fathomably possibly and instead soak them in a synthetic blanket of electrostatic, techno-dub transcendence!

Originally released in 2017, it's absolutely criminal that these copies have been hidden in the shop this long! Form an orderly queue (read: get your arse down t'shop or ont website PRONTO) and get involved in some seriously horizontal sonic exploration.

Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Recently unearthered from under my desk (!!!) this is a sublime Rod Model (and friends..) release which exists on a shimmering plane of blissful excellence. There's only a few copies so don't fuck about.

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