Ruf Dug

The ECZtasy EP

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Ruf Kutz

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Fresh new one from the Ruf Kutz stable as the man himself takes the reins. Wielding Casio's infamous CZ5000 for maximum smiley flavour throughout!

The glassy and exploratory nature of the keyboard is present from the off as "Inward Conversation Process" takes us on a sun-flecked boat ride down some Amazonian river basin. Ruffy's on deck, piloting the hull at a smooth 15 knots as toucans, parakeets and green palms dart by.

"Wet Play Banger" sees our trusty cyberpunk unpack a tribute tool dedicated to the club night he's co-run over the last decade, Sure to cause eruptions of chaos in the White Hotel's mist system come 4AM it's a taut and tense piece and perfectly fitting to the erogenous nature of the party's later hours....

"Shoppin" graces the flip with a tasty, scintillating slice of tropical nu-boogie. Traditional Jomox drums and unquantized keyboard passages the now Ruf Dug trademark as he turns his hand to these classic dancefloor tropes as easily as he rocks the discotheques of the world's tastier nightspots.

"Fruity Dance" is an apt name for the record's conclusion; a melee of digital instrumentation from marimbas to steel perc and a dizzying, winding synthline that ties our feet in knots. It's a unique, charismatic and highly engrossing end to this remarkable EP from this producer that continues to surprise and reinvent the dancefloor. Highly recommended!


Matt says: MCR dance music ambassador chief Ruf Dug deploys a cheekily named but completely vital vinyl nugget with four dancefloor-ready offerings.


A1. Inward Conversion Process
A2.Wet Play Banger
B1. Shoppin
B1.Fruity Dance

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