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Native Dance 01

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Native Dance

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Bayetë’s "Native Dance 01" starts off an willfully mysterious edits series with four off-the-wall tunes, flitting between low-slung street soul, 90’s digi-afro and zouk, including notable appearances by venezuelan digger-extraordinaire Trujillo and russian wizard Beard in Dust.

"N'Zo" sets the four tracker rolling, all Miami freestyle perx, slinking sax and uplifting Afro-house vocals - perfect for putting a smile on your face. The tropical flavours continue on "Panague", a digi-zouk moocher with virtuoso bass, chiming guitar and a hands aloft chorus which makes me long for summer days and outdoor sets. Flip the disc for the floor filling fusion of "Electrozouk", a toasty combination of Caribbean grooves, proto-house textures and jazzy tonality which seems tailor made for tearing a Dekmantel stage apart. Last but not least, "Stargazing" gives us some loft friendly, loved up and lush streetsoul with an irresistibly naff rap to top it off. 

All considered, this is a pretty flawless debut - hats off!


Patrick says: The newly minted Native Dance kicks off the new decade with four deeply dug and tastefully tweaked edits of Afro-house, digi-zouk and euro-street soul, providing all the ammunition you need to turn heads and heat up feet.


A1. N'Zo
A2. Panague
B1. Electrozouk
B2. Stargazing

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