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Vox Dei

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For the unitiated, Alaxis Andreas G is the man behind legendary electro imprint Invasion Planète, experimental stable Hiératique and the musical mastermind behind razor sharp, and recently re-appraised French electo (fans of Justice et al need wash their ears out now) project Le Syndicat Electronique. Entering the new decade reborn as De Sang Froid, monseiur Gand harnesses minimal wave moods, buzzing electronics and scorched circuitry for ten tracks of the chilliest bleepery you're likely to hear this year. Whether he's laying down twisted analogue lullabies, skittering electro bombs, or hypnotic industrial creepers, our main man is always interfaced with his hardware rig, getting full Lawnmower Man on our asses. Recommended to fans of Dopplereffekt, I-F and Legowelt.


A1. Vox Dei
A2. De Sang Froid
A3. Die Kraft Der Zuruckkebrung
A4. Au Bord De La Lutte
A5. Nostalgia
B1. J'ai Vu
B2. Indifferent Et Meprise
B3. Suivre La Veine
B4. Mort A L'immonde
B5. Nous Y Retournons

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