World Phaser

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Queen Nanny

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When was the last time EDMX served you what you expected? Maybe you drop the needle down in anticipation of some slick boogie-inflected synth pop and get walloped in the face with hellfire techno. Perhaps you were itching for body-popping electro and got cerebrally hijacked by pagan coldwave.

On this latest magnum opus, his first on Queen Nanny. Ed Upton is in the mood to get down low in every sense of the word. On the frequency range, this is a record dripping with lard-fed bass at every turn. The arrangements too are devilishly low in channel count – raw riddims with just a few key ingredients to do the necessary damage. Then there are the tempos, which predominantly set cruise control at 90 BPM and glide.

It’s not hard to tell where EDMX’s inspiration has sparked from on this album – in the spirit of celebrating the compatibility of oddball sonics from all corners of the globe, he’s patched his sound into a specific vibe and struck gold with some of the most distinctive riddims you’re likely to hear all year.


Matt says: Ed DMX does a digi-dub album and absolutely nails it! It seems obvious now it's here, given Ed's outboard inventory; but we didn't anticipate just how well he'd pull it off... Extemporary!


A1. Spirit Level
A2. Hip Hop
A3. You Don't Get It
B1. Ruff
B2. Unity
B3. Tron
C1. Photon Annihilation
C2. Alpha Juno
C3. Stabbing
D1. Sultan
D2. Viscount
D3. World Phaser

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