Special Delivery Vol.6

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Edit Service

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Edit Service is proud to present its 6th release, this time featuring Youkounkoun, a duo comprising of Jeff Lasson of Get A Room and Gaëtan Rossi.

After releasing on Multi Culti edits and Edits du Plaisir, the duo delivers a mini-LP with a diverse range of tempos and moods, from dancefloor-friendly cuts to weirder tracks with Gallic oddities, Dutch new wave, Spanish minimal wave and experimental Iranian music used as the source material. The unsettling post-punk, industrial and mutant kraut energy in those tracks could not be further removed from lazy run-of-the-mill disco edits. In true digger spirit, Youkounkoun picks tracks never edited before and painstakingly re-arranges them by adding a lot of additional production to completely transform these tracks for the dancefloor.


1 - 1 Youkounkoun Qu'est Ce Que Je Fais Ici 00:04:58
1 - 2 Youkounkoun Novotel Cocktail 00:05:15
1 - 3 Youkounkoun Musique Du Texte 00:06:18
1 - 4 Youkounkoun Mouvement Perpétuel 00:05:24
1 - 5 Youkounkoun Metallic Waves 00:05:43
1 - 6 Youkounkoun Je Veux Pas Danser 00:05:33
1 - 7 Youkounkoun In My Castle 00:04:44

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