Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens

Luminous Spaces

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Both Jon Hopkins’ and Kelly Lee Owens’ work perfectly complements each other here on ‘Luminous Spaces’; Hopkins’ transcendent, dancefloor-focussed electronics paired with Owens’ entrancing, often spiritual vocals and her ethereal techno production creates a euphoric electronic collaboration.

What was originally destined to be a remix of Hopkins’ ‘Luminous Beings’ by Owens morphed into a track in its own right, following the pair working closely in the studio together.

12’’ in black poly-lined inner sleeve with digital download card.


Matt says: Spectral, star-gazing and blissed-out, Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens hit that sweet spot of relaxed euphoria. Gently rushing, this will go down perfectly at Bluedot festival!


Luminous Spaces (ft Kelly Lee Owens)
Luminous Beings (Album Version)

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