Nuovi Orizzonti

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Slow Motion

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Following his debut 12” “Human”, Armonics teleports back to the Slow Motion mothership with his debut mini-album: "Nuovi Orizzonti". Dreamy, lo-fi fuzz emanates from cassette tape and vintage circuit boards to synthetic travel music that will jettison you into outer space. The Mediterranean’s answer to Legowelt. Strap in. Tune out.


Patrick says: The label dub Bari's Francesco Strippoli the Mediterranean's answer to Legowelt, but frankly that doesn't do him justice. The six tracks which make up this debut mini-LP do share the tapey hardware aesthetic of the Dutchman, but for me there's more feeling here, a romanticism you only find in Southern Europe, which takes this to a different level.


A1. Nuovi Orizzonti 
A2. Cyber Space
A3. Digital Soul
B1. Beyond The Walls
B2. The Land Of Reverse
B3. Trascendence

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