Mim Suleiman

Si Bure

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Running Back

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BubbleTease Communications and Running Back team up once again for Mim Suleiman’s fifth studio album on vinyl and compact disc. Produced by Baltimore-via-Sheffield house music monolith - Maurice Fulton - we find the Zanzibar-born-UK-based vocalist and percussionist dancing and prancing to the 14 songs featured here with a vibrancy and presence that should transcend tradition genre boundaries and the demographics associated with each. You're gonna find indie kids shacking their shit in the dance whilst ravers contemplate the deep multi-cultural message contained within.

The tropes of house and disco are mixed here with wonderful rhythmic adventures, infectious futuristic pop and ultramodern African music, while the mesmerizing and addictive lyrics are sung in Swahili and deal with love and affection, freedom, oppression, unity and everyday life. Enchanting, entrancing and entertaining all the way. And of course, highly recommended by us here at Picc HQ. 


Matt says: Nice, colourful and vibrant album with maximum crossover potential. Maurice Fulton producing Mim Suleiman is a match made in Swahili-indie-dance leftfield heaven! Batshit in parts, adventurous throughout and highly, highly listenable - another masterpiece to add to Fulton's bulging catalogue.


A1. Shukuru (intro)
A2. Aruka
A3. Shukuru Part 2 (part 2)
A4. Usiogope
B1. Na Mia
B2. Uutu
B3. Shukuru (part 3)
B4. Kuemenora
C1. Haki
C2. Ama Kweli
C3. Shukuru (part 4)
D1. Were
D2. Patosha
D3. Shukuru

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