Lack / Tonto / Chekov / Perfume Advert

Cong Burn 06

Image of Lack / Tonto / Chekov / Perfume Advert - Cong Burn 06
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Cong Burn

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Salford's Cong Burn drop the latest in their ongoing 12" series feating entries from regulars Chekov, Perfume Advert & Lack, with newcomer Tonto making their debut. At A1 Lack provides a low key roller subtely flashing glimpses of their studio sleight of hand and their ability to craft rhythms with real momentum. Tonto's 'Rust' slows things down with a sub 110bpm DJ tool that pings splashy springs, bird calls and ascending sine tones - made for long blends and layering! Leeds' own Chekov continues to intricately weave interlocking melodies in their most finely sculpted effort to date - with some Idiots Are Winning indications which are more than welcome. Salford/Teeside's Perfume Advert wear their heart on their sleeve for an emotional 130bpm+ closer.


A1. Lack - Flutter
A2. Tonto - Rust
B1. Chekov - Fold (F Mix)
B2. Perfume Advert - Mad Downer

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