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Now Is A Timeless Present - A Retrospective

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Scripted Realities

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Highly respected German electronic music composer Ulrich Schnauss releases a career spanning retrospective seven CD boxset. As all the recording rights reverted back to Ulrich he has taken the opportunity to remaster his entire back catalogue to be released on his own Scripted Realities label. The two most recent of the albums, A Long Way To Fall and No Further Ahead Than Today have both been extensively reworked. The set also contains an 18 track compilation of outtakes, demo's & fragments including a cover version of Scott Walker’s ‘It’s Raining Today’ and Ulrich’s version of Bach’s ‘Prelude And Fugue No1 in C Major’. With 14 of the 18 tracks being so far unreleased. Each of the album's artwork have also been refreshed. This release makes Ulrich's music available again after an 18 month period. These seminal electronic albums are sounding contemporary and fresh. Contains the albums “Far Away Trains Passing By” “A Strangely Isolated Place” “Goodbye” “A Long Way To Fall – Rebound” “No Further Ahead Than Tomorrow” & “Now Is A Timeless Present” – (Outtakes ,Demos & Fragments) with a total of 73 tracks on seven CD’s. Similar artists Jon Hopkins, Brian Eno, Tycho.


1. Knuddelmaus
2. Between Us And Them
3. Passing By
4. Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn
5. Nobody’s Home
6. Molfsee
7. Brooks Was Here
8. Sunday Evening In  Your Street
9. Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way
10. A Lie For Breakfast
11. Nothing Happens In June
12. As If You’ve Never Been Away
13. A Million Miles Away
19. Monday – Paracetamol
20. Clear Day 21. Blumenthal
22. In All The Wrong Places
23. A Strangely Isolated Place
24. Never Be The Same
25. Shine
26. Stars
27. Einfeld
28. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
29. A Song About Hope 30. Medusa
31. Goodbye
32. In Between The Years
33. Love Forever 34. Look At The Sky
35. For Good 36. Her And The Sea
37. Broken Homes
38.Like A Ghost In Your Own Life
39. A Long Way To Fall
40. I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance
41. A Forgotten Birthday
42. The Weight Of Darkening Skies
43. Borrowed Time
44. Ten Years
45. A Ritual In Time And Death
46. Melts Into Air
47. Love Grows Out Of Thin Air
48. The Magic In You Ulrich Schnauss – Now Is A Timeless Present
49. Thoughtless Motion
50.  No Further Ahead Than Today
51.  Wait For Me
2.  New Day Starts At Dawn
53.  Water Under The Bridge
54.  Negative Sunrise
55.  Illusory Sun
56.  First Bridge (2003)
57.  Attraktor 1 (2000)
58.  Attraktor 2 (2000)
59.  Attraktor 3 (2000)
60.  Stars Demo (2004)
61.  Memory Lane (2003)
62.  Einfeld (Demo 2005)
63.  Second Bridge (2003)
64.  Its Raining Today (2008)
65.  Third Bridge (2003)
66.  Today’s Hopes Gone Tomorrow (2019)
67.  Ein Feld Fur Ecki (2017)
68.  Fourth Bridge (2003)
69.  Shine (Longview Version 2008)
70.  Fifth Bridge (2003)
71.  Prelude And Fugue No 1 In C Major (2016)
72.  Last Bridge (2003)
73.  Surrender Bittersweet (2018)
14. Crazy For You
15. Wherever You BAre
16. Gone Forever
17. On My Own
18. A Letter From Home 

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