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Juicy Blend - Inc. Bullion / Jaakko Eino Kalevi Remixes

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Public Possession

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Regular Public Possession pal Bell Towers touches base again, treating all comers to a off-beat treat in the form of "Juicy Blend". As a DJ, digger and selector, Rohan's pop chops have been proven time and again, and here the producer serves us his slinkiest serenade yet, topped with his own vocal intonations. Stepping into the club wearing a synth pop shimmer, Balearic cardigan and some form of fetishwear, "Juicy Blend" is house in its loosest sense, sounding less like MAW and more like an '88 Frankie Knuckles mix of Flash & The Pan with Neil Tennant on vocals - and if that's not a juicy blend, I don't know what is. As well as the full vocal version, Bell T treats us to the mostly voxless Groove version on the B2, leaving more than enough run time for a pair of ace remixes. Leftfield stalwart Bullion brings the track to the peak time in the back room with electrohouse synthlines and a shuffling 4/4 for his more streamlined mix while alt-pop king Jaakko Eino Kalevi pairs percolating bass tones and snapping perx for a killer Streetsounds-style variant.


A1. Juicy Blend
A2. Juicy Blend (Bullion Remix)
B1. Juicy Blend (Jaakko Eino Kalevi Remix)
B2. Juicy Blend (Groove)

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