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Free Your Mind

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Groovin revisit more from the illusive Fibre Foundation archives here, the second excavation of material by the label of this mysterious trio of producers....

From 1995, "Free Your Mind" was caned by DJs like Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa and therefore became a big hit on the burgeoning San Fran scene. The UK mix in particular, with its sultry vocals, highly swung drums and punchy bottom end would become huge on both sides of the Atlantic. Groovin' have included the other three hot mixes of the track on this 12" reissue, including the more Kerri Chandler flavoured, "NJ Mix" and the bumpety, Carter-esque, "Bonus Dub". So good!


A1. UK Mix
A2. Instrumental
B1. NJ Mix
B2. Bonus Dub

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