Geto Boys

Trigger Happy Nigga

Image of Geto Boys - Trigger Happy Nigga
Record Label
Rap-A-Lot Records

About this item

The Geto Boys and Rap-A-Lot Records have a successful history dating right back to 1986. "Trigger Happy Nigga" is taken from the 1989 album, "Grip It On That Other Level"; while "Scarface" is taken from the 1990 album, "The Geto Boys". Both are excellent examples of proto-gangsta rap, with fine breakbeats, tight AF scratches and great lyrical content. Infact, what caught me by surprise was the line on "Scarface" - 'started small time, dope game, cocaine" - which the avid hip-hop will recognize Freddie Gibbs as biting on the track of the same title of the "Pinata" LP....

Nice 7" pressing ready for the club... Vintage rap on wax! Only 250 pressed.


A. Trigger Happy Nigga
B. Scarface

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