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There's a lot to love about Voitek Taranczuk, not least the the fact that his nom de plume appears to be Polish for Ket! This latest EP on the producers own imprint comes chock full of floor pleasing goodness spread out across five multi-purpose jams. The opener (appropriately titled "Number One") doles out redolent guitar licks, exotic synths and the occasional reggae vocal over a mid tempo beat just polyrhythmic enough to prompt a sway from the most committed wallflower. Next up "Loca" launches electro drums (massive snare, heavy on the two) and pinging synth melodies like a lost Metro Area tool with maximum bite, minimum fucking around. For "Another Mindset" the Polish producer reaches into that hazy '03 - '07 era to blend Villalobos bleeps with a tuned tom bassline and clattering hand drums, adding the chopped "ethno" vox for added impact. Flip it for a right chug-a-thon in the form of "Lasai" - spine tingling trance lines laid upon a stiff space age rhythm grid - and the eerie deep house of "Tu I Teraz", a fine throwback to the sexier end of the late minimal techno era. Is Sankeys still open? Asking for a friend...


A1. Number One
A2. Loca
A3. Another Mindset
B1. Lasai
B2. Tu I Teraz

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